The Footplate Experience - Diesel Driving Experience
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Every journey ends with a memory.

Diesel Footplate Experience

Realise a lifelong ambition with us

A fantastic opportunity to drive a diesel locomotive

Diesel Footplate Experience . . .

£350 per person

Our Diesel Footplate Experience will operate as a full day Experience in 2017!

There is nothing quite like the sight and sound of a diesel locomotive in full cry! Choose your locomotive and experience the power and surge of adrenaline as you take the controls of your favourite Class on our full day Experience! Our Diesel Footplate Experiences operate throughout the year utilising our heritage fleet of diesel electric and hydraulic locomotives. The train normally consists of six carriages, weighing approximately 200 tons in which up to six of your guests can travel free of charge.

Diesel locomotives used:

  • Class 50 - No. 50031 Hood, No. 50035 Ark Royal or No. 50049 Defiance
  • Class 52 'Western' - No. D1015 Western Champion or No. D1062 Western Courier
What's included:
  • A safety briefing before the session commences.

  • Tour of the locomotive engine room, including a start-up procedure demonstration.

  • Travel in the cab; driving for 8 miles, and acting as second man for 8 miles. A further 16 miles is spent in the rear cab of the locomotive (only available when locomotives with 2 cabs are used), and an additional 32 miles spent riding in the private train pulled by the locomotive.

  • Only 8 participants per experience.

  • You can bring along up to 6 guests only who can travel in the carriages behind the locomotive (guests must be over the age of 5) free of charge.

  • Opportunities for photographs.

  • A presentation folder with a certificate and memento of your experience.

The Diesel Footplate Experience runs from Kidderminster to Bridgnorth, and return, twice during the day. The Experience will begin at Kidderminster at the following times, dependant on the day you choose:

  • Weekdays - 8.30am, finishing at 4.45pm.
  • Sundays - 8.00am, finishing at 3.15pm.
 Diesel 2017 dates
 Sunday 20th August - Full day
Class 52 No. D1062
Fully booked
 Monday 21st August - Full day
Class 52 No. D1062
Fully booked
 Sunday 27th August - Full day
Class 50
Full booked
 Sunday 3rd September - Full day
Class 52 No. D1062
Fully booked
 Monday 4th September - Full day
Class 52 No. D1062
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