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Every journey ends with a memory.

Land Rover on rails!

Land Rover on rails!

On Saturday 12th August, during Steam on the Road, we'll have a very special visitor...

A 1957 Series 1 88in Land Rover (which can run on road and rails) will be travelling along the line from Bridgnorth to Kidderminster and return during the day, alongside our train services.

Affectionally known as 'Plimsoll', the vehicle has a 1997cc four-cylinder petrol engine, a four-speed main gearbox and a two-speed transfer box with selectable four-wheel-drive.

Mark Saville who has owned the vehicle since 2002 said: 'I've driven Plimsoll (PSL193) over 40,000 miles, whilst driving to Iceland three times, once to the Arctic Circle in Norway, Switzerland (Jura Mountains), central France, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Wales, Scotland and all points between. My ultimate ambition is to drive across the Forth Rail Bridge!"

The wheels are unique, and are custom-made from cast LM25 aluminium/magnesium alloy and can replace the road tyres in just one hour (with the help of elbow grease!!).

The quirky vehicle has operated on the Foxfield Railway, North Yorkshire Moors Railway and Bluebell Railway, and will be able to add the Severn Valley Railway to its list during the summer.

We're sure this magnificent vehicle will turn a number of heads during the event, and will be a sight to behold...

Steam on the Road takes place on August 12th & 13th, and showcases the very best of steam on the road, and steam on the rails! From steamrollers, traction engines and steam wagons (and now rail-mounted Land Rovers), to steam trains running on the Railway, take a trip back to the glory years with our summer steam rally.

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