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Every journey ends with a memory.

Farewell Sir Keith Park!

Farewell Sir Keith Park!

At the end of the year, we'll be bidding a fond farewell to Sir Keith Park!

After 5 years of sterling service, Sir Keith Park will be heading back down south to work on its home Railway at Swanage.

No. 34053 has been resident on the Severn Valley Railway since its inaugural run in 2012, and has seen many highlights. Some memorable moments include; the Steam and Morgan car challenge in October 2012, and the inauguration ceremony of the loco in August 2013, which involved a most memorable flypast from a Spitfire and Hurricane at Bridgnorth.

The agreement for operating the locomotive with Southern Locomotives Limited (SLL) has a break clause every two years, with the next renewal date at the end of 2017. We have mutually agreed that the option to renew will not be actioned at the end of this year, with 'SKP' moving to the Swanage Railway for the rest of the locomotive's certificate. This is a mutual agreement with the owning group, and leaves every opportunity for further locos from the SLL fleet to visit in future years.

A farewell weekend for the engine is likely to take place with No. 34053 Sir Keith Park operating.

We would like to thank Southern Locomotives Limited for all of their work and assistance, and for allowing ‘Skip’ to run at the Severn Valley Railway for the last five years. We are sure that she (or is it he) will continue to be a popular locomotive and a consistent performer at the Swanage Railway for the remainder of its boiler certificate.

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